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Get back

the life you

got into accounting for

World class support and software built for reliability, Truewind delivers every time.

Our Mission

Stability & balance

with an AI assistant

The accounting profession isn't what it used to be. For firms, there aren't enough accountants to meet the demand of clients. For accountants, the hours are long and the work is repetitive. The stability isn't the same either, leaving much to be desired.

Our mission is to help you get back the life you got into accounting for. We want to enable you to live your fullest life: professionally and personally. Professionally, to do your best work advising clients and business partners, thinking strategically, and creating value. Personally, to have a life of stability and balance.

Our AI assistant does the repetitive work of categorizing transactions, finding supporting documentation, and closing the month end books. Each morning, our accountants come to Truewind to see a morning queue of items to review. Picture this, your own digital accountant that works while you sleep. This is how you get your life back.

Building Together

to building
an experience you love

This statement takes many meanings: for our accountants and our team members. We’re building an in-person culture in San Francisco. We’re located in the SoMa, a 5-min walk from the Caltrain

The best part of building in San Francisco is the community. You'll get to meet many startups building incredible things. The energy is simply amazing.

We believe building in-person is a 10X multiplier for the company and we hope you’ll join us in San Francisco.

We solve hard problems

We are all excellent ICs

We want to work together


We are

We’ve assembled a team that we’re really proud of, but to tackle the many challenges ahead, we need your help. We have a roadmap full of big ideas and little details, and we’d love your help bringing them to life.

Truewind Locations

Find Truewind's presence

all around

the globe

San Francisco

Our HQ, in the heart of Silicon Valley where many great AI startups are born.


Our office in the Pearl of the Orient Seas provides world-class support.


Our deep ties with our investor led to a partnership and our presence in Brazil.

Our Values

Building a

winning culture

Championship Team

We compete as a championship team. We strive for excellence as individuals and build chemistry as a team

Company First

We act as a unit, putting the company’s goals ahead of any particular team or individual goals.

Service of the Mission

We are united as a team to try and accomplish something that none of us could have done on our own.

Focus on What Unites Us

We create a sense of unity, by focusing on what we have in common, not where we disagree, especially when it’s unrelated to our work.

Consistent Performance

As compared to a family, where everyone is included, a championship team makes a concerted effort to raise the bar on talent.

Willingness to Sacrifice

A championship team wants to win, and every teammate is willing to make sacrifices to achieve that. We focus on the goal.

Our Investors

by world class investors
by world class investors
Scrum Ventures
Scrum Ventures
Soma Capital
Soma Capital
Business Insider
Business Insider
Business Insider
Business Insider
Business Insider
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