AI-powered Bookkeeping and Finance for Startups

AI-powered Bookkeeping and Finance for Startups

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Y Combinator W23 Generative AI Landscape

Melody Tong

Customer Success Manager


Apr 3, 2023

Here it is. The YC W23 Generative AI Landscape 💥

Why no one had done this yet is beyond me. 36 Generative AI startups in the YC W23 batch. Covering just about everything a company needs: customer success, marketing, developer tools, infrastructure, and of course, my personal favorite, finance & accounting 🥸

Anyone who's looking at Y Combinator Gen AI startups, this is the market map! A quick shout out to Foundation Capital for letting me borrow their format and template.

So, about us 😁 Truewind ⛵️ is AI-powered bookkeeping and finance for startups. Over 20 fast growing startups like Mozart Data use Truewind to get a delightful finance back-office experience with less errors, more transparency, and faster monthly close.Lastly, a shout out to a few incredible companies that have become close friends and very helpful in my startup journey 💛 👇‍

🎨 Booth AI is a virtual AI photographer for e-commerce. Dozens of companies, like Moonshot Brands, are using Booth AI to create product photography for thousands of products.

🐕 OpenSight (YC W23) uses LLMs to automate customer support for high-growth companies. They resolve 70% of tickets vs. industry leaders at 30% because they can automate actions (like issuing refunds or applying discounts) in addition to text responses.

⛷ Lightski is ChatGPT for data questions. We help ops and products folks at companies like Slope access data without needing data analysts or bothering their engineering team.

💻 Vellum is the developer platform for building production-worthy LLM apps. Vellum provides workflow tools like version control, performance monitoring, and continuous fine tuning to improve model performance.

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