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Y Combinator W23 Generative AI Landscape

Alex Lee



Generative AI

Apr 3, 2023

Here it is. The YC W23 Generative AI Landscape 💥

Why no one had done this yet is beyond me. 54 Generative AI startups in the YC W23 batch. Covering just about everything a company needs: customer success, marketing, developer tools, infrastructure, and of course, my personal favorite, finance & accounting 🥸

Anyone who's looking at Y Combinator Gen AI startups, this is the market map! A quick shout out to Foundation Capital for letting me borrow their format and template.

So, about us 😁 Truewind ⛵️ is AI-powered bookkeeping and finance for startups. Over 20 fast growing startups like Mozart Data use Truewind to get a delightful finance back-office experience with less errors, more transparency, and faster monthly close.Lastly, a shout out to a few incredible companies that have become close friends and very helpful in my startup journey 💛 👇‍

🎨 Booth AI is a virtual AI photographer for e-commerce. Dozens of companies, like Moonshot Brands, are using Booth AI to create product photography for thousands of products.

🐕 OpenSight uses LLMs to automate customer support for high-growth companies. They resolve 70% of tickets vs. industry leaders at 30% because they can automate actions (like issuing refunds or applying discounts) in addition to text responses.

Lightski is ChatGPT for data questions. We help ops and products folks at companies like Slope access data without needing data analysts or bothering their engineering team.

💻 Vellum is the developer platform for building production-worthy LLM apps. Vellum provides workflow tools like version control, performance monitoring, and continuous fine tuning to improve model performance.

Alex Lee

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Alex is the Co-founder and CEO of Truewind. He's a 2x startup founder, both companies backed by Y Combinator. He started his career as an aerospace engineer at Boeing. He got his MBA at Columbia and BS in Aerospace Engineering from USC.